They set up the array early, just waiting for LAN Shui Xin to take people on the hook. After ensuring safety and privacy, he sacrificed the xuanjie bead and entered it alone. Rose is my wife, that's the first lady of the guild. If such an identity is slapped in the face. Some 14-5-year-old children are chatting together, male and female, female! Mo Zhitao finished, he took out a pill from his pocket. "Whoosh", a drop of bright red water drops like things suddenly flew out, in the moment Long Hui sto With his right foot swinging, he suddenly kicked up a stone the size of a fist. Forced to manage adults, had to show their attitude, determined to vote for song! "Eh? Bai Yanwu pursues us? This..." Hu Gao is surprised, some can't believe to look at the back. But now he is required to assess this level. After a long time, the founder of the stars also came back to God, and then he opened his mouth in d Otherwise, it is not a good thing to affect the work of the army! " After a bit of fear ahead, we got out of the withered abandoned passage and entered a section of the Zhao yunniu forced his head to swing, which seemed to disdain yuan Shang's words. At the same time, Chen Wenli and Chen Wenguang are excited! The greeting was similar to that of an old friend. Even if he had a way to avoid it, what about his highness standing behind him? "Mom, I'm fine. I'm healthier than I was when I left."

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