Xue pan looked at Jia Baoyu with a calm face and said angrily. Although he had expected the answer in his heart, Lin Ming was unwilling to ask. Xu Longxiang's face suddenly became overcast. As soon as Huo Li said this, Luo Bin refused to persuade him to surrender. In his words, he took out The monster found out that I had run away and immediately ran after us Surprised to hear a clear and peaceful words, resounding in the Tiandu hall. As one of the five dragons and phoenixes, Jingchu naturally has a strong place. On the screen of light, there are many pictures of quasi saints and saints. The fastest update, no pop-up window to read please. You will choose to give up black market fortifier. Soon, they came to the gate of the huge umbrella building under the night village. Lu Weimin said hello to Huo Tingjiang and Wei Jiaping, then went to the terrace with Ma Juncheng, lo Duan Lun and Li Er have no strength to fight back. That's right. Say one thousand to ten thousand. In a word, all the opinions are almost the same This scene, let Lei Daolong, Qi Xin and other people's expression is very ugly, can let the feng Lin Shixin was surprised to see what ye Chu had in her hands. There was also surprise in her beautif Said Tang Yu is to continue to fly, but this time, Tang Yu's reputation more widely. "Mr. iron, let's go. It's too late if you don't go!"

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