Once there is a war, the kingdom of Prussia can mobilize millions of troops. The atmosphere of the audience was suddenly burst by his song, and many people listened to it. Finally, she cried out and fainted with a headache. Wang Yipeng patted hot girl's shoulder and said, "thank you, madam. If you had not been promoted "That's right. You take out the blood of the Dragon dog and divide it into four parts. Each of y Mo Tianze was stunned by Wang Zhengyu's unthinking reply. He did not expect that such a sentence It is said that fighting bravely can be resisted, but it is even more courageous to kill. Unable to give full play to their full strength, even if they can do this, this state can not last t However, even if there is no chance of winning, Mao Su can become the winner of level 10 green seal. Moreover, he was not sure whether the moon shadow was on the fourth floor. Yang Kai nodded slightly: "in this case, I will teach you the great famine classics!" Ye Yan's words make ye Chen speechless. The earth God looked at the direction of Fang Yu's four people leaving, and his eyes twinkled. When setting up the plan, Su Hao has taken all possible problems into consideration. Ye CHENFENG, half of his face covered by a silver mask, blinked his eyes twice. After unifying their thoughts, they began to discuss in detail after the vine. With that, go to the ice forest station. Sheng Siyan nodded and said that the man who came into the fortress was probably the "traitor" for A

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