"Er..." Tang Yu was stunned after hearing Lu Shanshan's words. Nature can't be any, absolutely precious! Time goes by slowly. In a twinkling of an eye, another three months have passed. A heavy, familiar sound of footsteps came from the side door of the hall. Li Li and Dong Wan immedia Other officers wake up and urge the guards to shoot. At the moment, the white mountain trotted here, but was blocked by Bach's men. The Black Dragon Emperor Ji politely salutes the unscrupulous thunder Spirit creature. With the washing of water, the blood flail is constantly falling off, revealing the slightly white s In fact, Luoli can gather enough spiritual things to sell the seven medicines. However, Luoli doesn& "I still have a strategy to solve the fatigue of Xiangyang!" The sacrificial spring called out with exaggeration. "It's not a trainee. Why are you in this battlefield?" For example, her life, the beautiful stones she stole, once a stranger came in, she had to beat him Huang Lihai nodded and said, "well, I have seen that. We will hold a regular Standing Committee at a Xiao Feng looked at Fran: "you know I'll come to you." It took a lot of energy to learn that skill. Why do you always speak for him, not for me. " "Your Excellency is a little too much. Do you really think that our flame temple will be afraid of y

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