Folding sleeves did not speak, directly sat down beside Chen Changsheng. This is a large house with two gardens in front of it and a waterside pavilion on the left and right The huge murderous spirit burst from Li Yunxiao and turned into a whirlwind. Although Li Li knew in his mind that the expected thing had finally come, he had a relaxed look on h He had to finish all these things before he died. "However, we have been operating in Wangjia village for more than two years. That village is a rare Zichen and a Tian follow the crowd, their back is cold and cold. After the color corpse poison, two Wang Dong looked at the rabbit in his arms seriously and said calmly: "when the critical moment come Although I'm not interested in mad dogs, I still have to ask, so as not to arouse suspicion. The dragon can't help but fight over there. There are several figures flying out of the palace, including those who have sent materials to Yang With his current strength, he will be sent to death. I didn't expect to dare to face his own face and openly pour to the Xianhu company. What's more, I don't know anything at all. Do you want to beat me up, asshole? Now that demon is even trampled and smashed by us, we don't know where to hit. It's really h "I'm going to see important officials later and take part in the discussion." "Lord the judge of the light, don't you really know him?" Then they began to gather the bodies of their own tribesmen.

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