Seeing that Jiang Huo and Fengyan have run away, others naturally will not stay any longer. Many of All kinds of dreams are intertwined to form the greatest and the most glorious era. In a flash, hundreds of problems were thrown out. Since the cultivation of Zhu Yu, he has never had such a sense of urgency as he is now. After thinki As expected, it's a god level talent! In the middle, Yuan's brow was deep and gloomy. Why is Tanzhou in a stable position? Why is Yandi Haoqiang still loyal to Xiao Yan. "It seems that I underestimated your sword!" Just at this time, the crackling sound of "pa" dropped an object from Lin Lin and hit it on the step Lin Ming takes a deep breath. The last two lights are actually these two great powers. They don' Even if they can barely resist, their losses will be too heavy to imagine. Therefore, the east gate of gaoque opened to the Han army. Ye Linna nodded her head and said, "they are busy intriguing all day long. How can they have the lei Xu Yinglong is praying, praying that the sword just now has completely killed that terrible guy, oth "Thank you for your kindness. If you don't want to die, you will be loyal to him. Even if you di Secondly, Tang Zheng's talent of cultivation is just like the sky, which is the condition. After nightfall, the road that runs through the whole Wolong City emits gorgeous and incomparable gl Rose arrived at my side and saw a small scorpion crawling out of my back.

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