Like Ma Tiancheng, he is a strong candidate at the level of Shengzi. His strength is so great that h A smile appeared on the face of mingzongyao, indicating Mingtai to put things away. "Go and call the medical team. There are several wounded people here!" "I have noticed that you have just touched a treasure of high rank." Chen Yihan said as he tried to press the control switch of habi. After all, these two things seem to have no connection. Who could have thought that a few dead trees After listening to the comments of some disciples from the bottom of the blue spring, I heard some o Either it's still dusty, or it's a rotten bog. "He is a cruel and savage fellow, and he has no pity for others. If you were the injured one, he wou "No, we'll be back in a few days, and it's troublesome to take her with us." "How can those two sit in the press box?" "Don't say it. I'm cheap. No wonder others." The dialect pronunciation is very stiff, but also more accurate. But the Han Army didn't want them to die so happily. In this way, he will not be attacked by the rules of Zhouyuan, and Zhouyuan will not be in danger of The gap between the two sides is too big. In any destroyed family, a large number of people will be demoted to slavery. Lu Weimin thinks it is a reasonable thing, and Dong Jianwei should be able to understand his own dif

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