Early in the morning of the fifth day, Yue Chong and Lingsha finished their breakfast, and Yue Chong After thinking about it, he said to Feng chan'er, "Miss Yi, I promise that your sister will foll "This is the quintessence of Chinese culture. Listen carefully." "Well, you've opened your eyes today." "According to your opinion, ye Chong is the top ten young emperor at this moment? Is he qualified en The whole ancient temple betrayed the alliance "Well said, although xiuzhenliu is beautiful and novel, it's not so reliable to enter other plan After listening carefully for a moment, Ren Lao suddenly picked up his own ancient Cuan to play. Ice Saint smile, nine days cold turtle smile asked: "you really did not calculate for me?" "Moonshadow island is a good place, very quiet, very suitable to enjoy the fun of life." Wang Dong covered his forehead and murmured the name delicately on his face: "Blu ace... Blu ace..." I ran over in three steps and two steps. After a careful look, it was really a big catapult with a l Yue Zhong and Xiao Qiao both look at toad. Xiao Qiao's eyes are calm and Yue Chong is angry. "If you kill this boy, you can take the booty and clean up the skeleton frame." But the economy has not been completely unraveled. How to extend and how to let tourists stay longer and spend more in Fengzhou is a big proposition. Why don't you broadcast the room you ordered before? Although dozens of people are alone, there is still an iron army.

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